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Let your heart sing on the European Music Day

by Lamprini Tsodoulou (ACD Program Coordinator)

When talking about music different people have different connotations: stories and traditions from the past, feelings and ideas, propaganda, entertainment and more. However, all people do one thing when they sing, listen to or make music: they express themselves. This phenomenon has not remained at regional or national level, but has expanded to the world, with people from one country listening to music from other countries and cultures. Thus, a day of the year has to be dedicated to the celebration of the powerful movement of expression.

And here it is: the European Music Day! Taking place every year on June 21 in countries all over the world, such as Ireland, France, Greece, Kazakhstan and others, the European Music Day is not a day celebrating only music but also the beginning of summer. Is there a better combination than this? People can enjoy both the music and the sun all over the world at the same time.

The initiative came from the French Minister of Culture, Jack Lag, in 1982 with the aim to bring all musicians out onto the streets. In 1985 the event reached a European dimension and traveled to Athens marking the activation of the first Cultural Capital of Europe. The development of the European Music Day became official when its principles were signed in Budapest. Since then it has been supported by the European Music Network composed of both institutional and private partners. Of course it is not allowed to miss from Facebook, where people can make known if they will attend a relevant event in their homecountries or abroad.

What makes this event special is that it has developed and expanded so much as to allow musicians to travel to other countries and  a kind of exchange among them to take place. Furthermore, cities act to the advantage of their citizens and especially on this day public transportation is more frequent in order to connect the event locations satisfactorily. However, what makes it even more special and fans-friendly is the fact that the entrance is free. People have the opportunity to see artists from other countries as well and meet people from all over the world.

The day is there! You do not need much with you to attend the events in your country: sunglasses and good mood. Is there any better way of expressing yourself in a common way than through music?


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