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Arts and Identity, Europe

Beyond Legality, Reality

By Giulia Laura Muscarella (ACD Programme Coordinator)

Giulia responds to Elisabeth Alber’s introduction to Alto Adige/Südtirol: https://artsasculturaldiplomacy.wordpress.com/2011/07/10/legal-ground-for-blooming-identity-focus-on-sudtyrolalto-adige/

The political solution of the legal ground for the Alto Adige/Südtirol area could become the assumption for a rigid multiculturalism without any perspective of intercultural growth.

The previous article regarding this issue reminded me a crazy episode dating back to 2007 and that made quite a stir in the Italian public opinion[1]. Location: Bressanone, a city in the autonomous province of Bolzano. The fact took place in a nursery, a multilingual school, which aims to facilitate the coexistence of German and Italian children.


There is only one building with two different main entrances, the children have their break in two different moments of the day and there is a glass door which separates the two educational sections. The architects made a sort of architectural segregation which –citing the words of the former mayor – represents the Alto Adige/Südtirol reality.


Children grow up with this idea of normal reality.


The second funny episode took place the other day. During my marketing campaign towards Italian institutions, I called the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Bolzano. At first, they answered me in English and I thought I had a wrong number. Then, I retried and the same voice answered me.


“Sorry but is it 0039 ….?”

“Sure it is!”


Speaking in English should be a diplomatic way to answer to both Italian and German people but without forgetting that we are neither in Germany nor in the UK but geographically speaking in Italy…

[1] For the full article you can read it at:    http://www.corriere.it/Primo_Piano/Cronache/2007/04_Aprile/06/muro_asilo_tedeschi.html



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