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We Do Culture—Just Three Words

ICD Program Director Bjorn Kolkman gets his bard on for us. Enjoy.

Just Three Words

Where to go?
I will know.
What to do?
I get through.
I will know.
My status quo.

My three words.
Move in herds.
One by one.
On the run.

A story told.
In protective fold.
My words provide.
A view worldwide.

It has begun.
For each one.
Do you see?
Just like me?

Let me know.
Your status quo.
Give me three.
Words to see.

By Bjorn Kolkman
all rights reserved


About icdblogsphereteam

We are the Blogsphere Team of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy. We are the interactive part of the web resources of ICD. We spread culture and mutual understanding among cultures through blogs.


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