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3 for 49 – Hit the Jackpot (3 für 49 – Knack den Jackpot)

When: Every Wednesday at 8 pm

Where: Kesselhaus Kulturbrauerei

Money can’t buy you happiness? No way! Say whatever you want, but you can walk out of one of their improvisation theater 49€ richer than before.  During the “3 for 49 – Hit the Jackpot” show, three actors fight for the audience’s favor. The direction of the whole performance can be changed by reckless heckling, thus turning two shock-rockers into operetta singers. And with a bit of luck, one finds himself among one of the happy three, who are chosen to answer the most important question of the evening at the end of the show. Whoever is the one giving the right answer, can walk home as a lucky winner. If you know a bit of German, this is definitely something you wouldn’t want to miss out!




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