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Music and Cultural Diplomacy

Techno: Aloneness of Togetherness, form of globalization

Music_wallpapers_339By Ana Lordkipanidze , Institute for Cultural Diplomacy.

Red, blue, green and yellow lights are everywhere. Intoxicated smell of music is the first thing that strikes every comer. The guy in red is undressing his beer bottle by his eyes. A girl with half-naked shoulder is smoking her last puff of Marlboro light. In the center, a guy with headphones is playing music with no lyrics and everybody is dancing to the beats, to the noise. Of course, one could easily guess that the described place is a disco club. Here everybody dances for him/herself, sometimes with closed eyes to enjoy the beats of Dirty Doering or any other DJ. Dance floor is packed, with people of different ages, gender, nationalities who are trying to get alone with the techno music and enjoy it with the group of many people. Thus techno preaches a new lifestyle: Aloneness of Togetherness, being alone while being around plethora of people.
Majority of older generation considers techno as an unpleasant noise, with no rhythm and meaning. This is understandable as introduction of techno is not only the presentation of new music, but of the new way that people communicate with each other which differs among generations. For example, for pop-concert people would go to the concert hall, dress in the special attire, listen to the musician or musicians who have good vocal skills and listen to the lyrics of the songs in any particular language. With techno all of these changed. In most cases, techno music is void of lyrics but full of beats, making it understandable for people of all nationalities. The Dj, person who is leading the performance doesn’t have to be a musician or play on an instrument. He also doesn’t have to know any specific language, as he is playing on the unique language of techno. For publication, he can just simply upload his beats on http://www.soundcloud.com and in case of success become popular pretty quickly. If he has good hearing and can mix with talent, he can become pretty successful.
To sum up, techno music became one of the tools of globalization, where people don’t need a language any more; they are all dancing together on the dance floor, physically touching each-other but trying to alienate in the beats of music.

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One thought on “Techno: Aloneness of Togetherness, form of globalization

  1. I’ve just nominated you for an award! 😉 Great blog! Jenny

    Posted by Jenny Ebermann (bxljenny) | June 17, 2013, 8:19 pm

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