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Interview with Ian Gillan and Marcia Barrett, The Power of the Arts & Culture to Promote Democracy & Global Peace

By Vladislav Strnad, The Institute for Cultural Diplomacy.

Between 13th-16th December, 2012, the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin held an Annual Conference on Cultural Diplomacy “The Power of the Arts & Culture to Promote Democracy & Global Peace”.

The conference brought together current and former heads of state and ministers, as well as celebrities and dignitaries including an interdisciplinary group of participants from all over the world to discuss Cultural Diplomacy in our interdependent world.

‘…obviously, it starts probably with also enjoying that kind of fun yourself, then it comes a point when you must feel really the responsibility that you are not only giving fun to the people, but you are influencing them, strongly and deeply, because that’s the strength of art. At first you do it for yourself, but actually you are influencing people…’

For more information please watch the Interview with ICD Advisory Board Member Ian Gillan, Singer & Song writer of Deep Purple and Marcia Barrett, ICD Advisory Board Member; Lead Singer of Boney M

Center for Cultural Diplomacy Studies Publication
Institute for Cultural Diplomacy


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