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Weekly Theme: Arts and Identity – By Letizia Binda-Partensky, ICD program coordinator

Artistic practices, as cultural products, make a map through which a culture can be read. Visual arts and oral or written traditions pertaining to a specific cultural group allow people to define themselves according to specific reference points. The same cultural products, uprooted and recast in a different context, take on the role of vessels used to define the culture of origin. Traveling cultural products are displayed or showcased through a different set of cultural practices. Continue reading


70 years since, encapsulated in historical memory

by Dmitri Macmillen (CDE Program Coordinator)

On Wednesday the 22nd of June, seven decades will have elapsed since the beginning of Operation Barbarossa. In the build up to the anniversary in Germany, the Berlin Philharmonic will perform Shostakovich’s “Leningrad Symphony” while publications such as Der Spiegel have redigested the repercussions of the invasion of the Soviet Union. In Russia, the event will likely be commemorated on a solemn official note, as is customary of the occasion, and the main television channels broadcast films reliving the terror and anguish of the early Blitzkrieg advances of Hitler’s forces. Continue reading

The London Art as Cultural Diplomacy ConferenceAugust 21st, 2013


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