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Interview with the Graffiti artist Victor Ash

by Alex Wells (CD-News Program Coordinator)

The ICD News Team sat down with Victor Ash, an accomplished street artist who was influential in the Parisian graffiti scene and has since turned his hand towards authorized installations on city walls. The Astronaut/Cosmonaut in Berlin is probably his most famous work, but his playful additions to the urban environment can be seen throughout Europe—and even in galleries or documentaries. Interview has been edited for concision.

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Invading your city – Michelle Karunaratne – ICD Program Coordinator

Public spaces within cities can sometimes be uniform, conforming to authority and public expectations. Street artists attempt to challenge these traditional notions by breaking through with eye catching art works, which are in complete contrast to their surroundings. Such works of art are a sometimes symbolize diversity and demonstrate the value of spaces and things that are undervalued. Invader achieves these qualities of street art by literally invading public spaces, subtly drawing the public’s attention to his work. Continue reading

Sticker Art – Maria Walter – ICD Program Coordinator

When I was little, I used to collect stickers. Some of them had some glitter on it, some were made of some plushy material or had some other fancy special effects. However a recent trend  of sticker collection has arisen among adults. Continue reading

United Buddy Bears – Cristina Sakamoto

The exhibition started in 2002 in Berlin, and since then, the approximately 140 bears have been on a World Tour in 21 exhibitions in the five continents, in cities like Hong Kong, Istanbul, Tokyo, Seoul, Sydney, Vienna, Cairo, Jerusalem, Warsaw, Pyongyang, Buenos Aires, Montevideo; in the summer of 2011, they are back to Berlin.

Artists from each of the countries recognized by the United Nations designed a Buddy Bear with artistic elements from their countries, bringing together a great cultural diversity in the same art, which enabled more than 22 million visitors to experience a journey around the globe through the Buddy Bears.

The Buddy Bears are now in an exhibition on the famous Kurfürstendamm street in Berlin. More information can be found on their official website

International Street Artists Add (More) Multicultural Sauce to Israeli Society

It’s an article of 2008, published on http://www.cultcase.com, but it represent a perfect example of street art used as a tool of cultural understanding in a hot area of the world: the separation wall between Israel and Palestine in the West Bank.
“It appears that the paintings of world’s hottest British art star Banksy on the Palestinian side of the separation wall in the West Bank in summer 2005 were just the tip of the iceberg. Street art and graffiti scenes gain strong International momentum in Israel recently. Much of this trend is attributed to talented immigrants from former U.S.S.R. countries while there are also many active street artists in Israel who immigrated from European countries and North America…” (see more pictures)

More about street art in Palestine:

Giuseppe Colucci (CD-News Program Director)

Molotov Cocktail Art

Вечный Огонь (or Eternal Flame in English) is the name of a spectacular urban art installation in Yekaterinburg, Russia. To remind of fallen Soviet soldiers during World War II, an artist group burned the soldiers faces on wooden panels using Molotov Cocktails. The results are just great and are now part of an abandoned hospital.

It’s amazing to see, how weapons can be used in a unusual way to create art. The roughness, flames and burned faces are probably the best solution to visualise brutal war, for what reason these unique Molotov Cocktail artworks are in my eyes a good way to commemorate…

More about Molotov Cocktail Art:

Giuseppe Colucci (CD News program Director)

Sofia Red-Faced About Soviet Memorial – Alex Wells – ICD Program Coordinator

Street art or vandalism? That is the question. (Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer / The slings and arrows of outrageous provocation, / Or to stand and take paint against the sea of delinquents…&c, &c.) Continue reading

(he)art(less)- Alex Wells- ICD Program Coordinator

The other night, a mate of mine was turned back from a Berlin club—a club of the edgy-looking sort, drifting loose in a subtly manicured urban wasteland—because he wasn’t dressed up enough. I was always quite sure that the point of wild partying in an ex-Ossi warehouse is that there isn’t a dress code. But grunge is hip right now, and from H&M’s stencil tees to major-label dubstep, the street sensibility is widely acknowledged to be hot shit.

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Arts as Cultural Diplomacy – Weekly Thems: Street Art

The topic of the week is Street art. We will examine different types of street art, the capacity of street art to instigate political change and its ability to be a tool of cultural diplomacy.

Is graffiti art? – Brian Mahon- ICD Program Coordinator

This photo, taken in Suburban Australia perfectly exemplifies the debate that surrounds whether graffiti is a legitimate mainstream art form. Realtors in Camperdown Australia obviously didn’t think so and painted over the initial renderings.

One taggers irate response says it all.

The London Art as Cultural Diplomacy ConferenceAugust 21st, 2013


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