International Day of Dance Event

(Berlin, ICD House; April 30th, 2013)
The event was organized by Águeda Varela

Imagen 3 To celebrate the International Day of Dance 2013, Portuguese intern Águeda Varela organized a dance-oriented event at the ICD House on the evening of April 30th. The evening began with a screening of Dirty Dancing 2- Havana Nights, which follows the story of an American dancer who arrives in Cuba shortly before the revolution breaks out, and her ensuing romance with a local boy who introduces her to Cuban dancing.


Imagen 1

The film screening was followed by a beginner salsa class with Fismo Kuba, a Cuban dance teacher living in Berlin. Participants had the chance to learn basic salsa moves, some more successfully than others! After the initial group dance instruction, participants were free to practice freely with each other whilst enjoying snacks and rum, in keeping the Cuban theme of the event. The International Day of Dance Event was all in all a success, and participants left the ICD House with a few new dance moves in their repertoires. 



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